How to Use SweatBlock

SweatBlock is most effective when applied before retiring to bed. This allows the SweatBlock formula to do its magic while you and your sweat glands are less active.

When used as directed, SweatBlock reduces underarm perspiration for up to 7 days per use*. This unique product has been formulated to safely block the sweat gland, to protect against irritation and to soothe your skin. No more wet, soggy pits to worry about. SweatBlock will help you stay comfortable – even in the most stressful situations.

Note: SweatBlock takes care of underarm wetness, which in turn will help reduce undesirable body odor.  It is recommended that you use a deodorant daily for freshness and desired fragrance.

SweatBlock Usage Instructions

Make sure underarms are clean and dry. This may require showering to remove residue from deodorant usage.

Press the SweatBlock pre-soaked towelette firmly within the hairline right before going to bed. DO NOT RUB. Rubbing may cause irritation.

Allow underarms to air dry. This takes about 5 minutes.

Got to bed. Applying at bedtime allows SweatBlock to do its magic while your sweat glands are less active.

Tips and Tricks for Success

Consider trimming underarm hair:
When pressing the SweatBlock towelette to your skin, it must be able to make firm contact. Hair can sometimes get in the way. If underarm hair is thick, consider trimming. If you shave, wait at least 24 hours to apply SweatBlock. Don’t apply if skin is broken or irritated

Apply 2-3 nights consecutively:
If satisfactory results are not achieved after the first usage, apply SweatBlock 2-3 nights consecutively. There after, apply SweatBlock as needed.

Night sweats?
If you experience night sweating, it will not allow the SweatBlock formula to be effective in a night-time application. Monitor your sweating patterns for a 4-5 hour time period where you sweat glands are less active and apply then.

Stinky pits?
Still got stink in the pits even after SweatBlock has helped with the sweat? Use a deodorant daily to ensure you stay smelling sweet… or manly…

Sweat less. Live more. Money back guarantee.