How SweatBlock Works

Dr. Keri Peterson on The Rachael Ray Show explains how SweatBlock works (watch video below).

SweatBlock Benefits

  • Feel Confident, Not Embarrassed

    No sweat.  No self-consciousness.

  • Wear any color

    Stop hiding in dark, baggy clothes

  • No yellowing or staining

    SweatBlock won’t ruin your shirts

  • Long Lasting

    Up to 7-days of sweat relief*

  • Simple

    Easy to apply – no chalky mess

  • Protects Against Irritation

    Formulated for comfortable use

Daily Sweat Relief for Less than the Cost of a Postage Stamp One box of SweatBlock provides up to 8-weeks* of sweat-stopping goodness. That means one sweat-free, confidence-filled day costs you less than the price of postage stamp. Try SweatBlock Now

Real people. Life-changing results.

“I don’t worry about the problem of sweating anymore which is… the MOST AMAZING FEELING!”

“It is such a confidence booster to know that I don’t have to be constantly checking my armpits”

“Before, I would always wear a sport coat or a sweater to cover up my shirt. Now, I’m sweat-free!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SweatBlock work?

    The trade-secret SweatBlock formula forms a block in the sweat gland and provides relief for up to 7-days per usage*

  • What are the Ingredients in SweatBlock?

    Active ingredient: 14% aluminum chloride. Other ingredients: Water, polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, 0.15% benzoic acid for preservative.

  • Is SweatBlock safe?

    Absolutely! SweatBlock is FDA compliant and has been on the market for over 10 years.

  • Can I use a deodorant with SweatBlock?

    SweatBlock is an antiperspirant that will take care of the sweating. Use a deodorant daily to keep smelling fresh… or manly. Other questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Sweat less. Live more. Money back guarantee.